Give it up: Yakuza 3 is never coming to the US, says Sega


Just last week when we heard about Yakuza 4 being in development, I thought for sure that Sega USA would feel the heat and begin the localization process for PS3 game Yakuza 3. But no, that’s not happening — it’s not coming out here.

Sega’s marketing man Ray Almeda says that Yakuza 3 is not coming out in the United States. It seems that they’re convinced that the game won’t sell here, says Examiner. Seeing as how Yakuza 2 only sold about 40,000 copies here in the US, I can kind of see where they’re coming from.

Sega, how about doing something digital? Isn’t 40k good for digital download numbers? Don’t make me half-enjoy the Japanese version.

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