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Gigantic 4X strategy game BoC: Birth of Cultures coming later this year

That’s a lot of hexagons

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Camlann Games has given us a little peek at Code::Arts’ upcoming 4X civilization builder, BoC: Birth of Cultures. While the “teaser” doesn’t show much of the meat in Birth of Cultures’ stew, it does portray its scale.

BoC: Birth of Cultures features a world map that is “more than” 491,000 hex tiles in size. I’m no math person, but by my calculations, that’s a lot of tiles. For perspective, the largest map size in Civilization VI is 6,996 tiles. The map is apparently based on “realistic simulations.” Rather than using traditional fog of war, Birth of Cultures instead utilizes the planet’s natural curvature to limit what you can see. Bold of Code::Arts to take a stance like this when the whole flat/round shape of the earth is still under heated debate.

On this large playfield, you’ll be overseeing the growth of a civilization starting from the ice age. You start as a nomadic tribe and progress through 60,000 years of development. Bold of Code::Arts to take a stance like this when the whole length of human history is still under heated debate.

The announcement highlights the size of the playfield and the effects of terrain and climate. However, Birth of Cultures promises a dynamic progression system and features a “sandbox-like combination of progression and cultures.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I’m going to assume it’s a bold stance on something.

BoC: Birth of Cultures remains exclusive to PC via Steam for now. It is set to release into Early Access later in 2023.

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