Giant Squid Black Lake easter egg location in Hogwarts Legacy

It turns up in several places

Hogwarts Legacy has a world that’s built for discovering small little Easter eggs and cameos, and that includes the Giant Squid in the Black Lake (otherwise known as The Great Lake) that surrounds Hogwarts. Here are all of the known appearances from said squid, and how to see them in the game.

The Giant Squid has a quick appearance during the Flying Class quest

I would call this appearance a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment, but it shows up for several seconds during a key story mission.

While you’re on the mission where you learn how to fly at Hogwarts, you’ll see the Giant Squid very briefly poking out of the water, and your classmate will make a quick note of it as you continue your journey.

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You can easily trigger a Giant Squid cameo in the Slytherin Common Room

The most reliable way to see the Giant Squid (well, a piece of the squid anyway) is via the Slytherin Common Room, which is accessible to Slytherin players.

All you need to do is go up to the window in the Common Room (we used the window pictured above) and use a basic cast on it (hold the left trigger to aim, then unleash the cast with the right trigger). The Giant Squid will smash the window for a second, then move on.

There’s also a Giant Squid mural under Hogwarts

If you look under Hogwarts you can find a Giant Squid mural, showcasing the existence of the beast in the water surrounding the school.

You can find the exact location of the cave in the gallery above. You’ll enter it through the southwest edge of Hogwarts (in respect to the positioning of the Hogwarts map on the main map menu). To get there, just go to any outdoor location in Hogwarts where you can fly, and head down there.

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