Ghostbusters: The Video Game looks hot on the Wii

There are three key differences in the Wii version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. (I’m sorry style guide.) The first is the controls. Waggle and gesture, ahoy. The second is the level design and general planning. The third, and probably most readily apparent, is the visual style. Unlike the big boy versions on the current generation systems, the Wii version has a cartoon flair. You’ve seen the screens from it, but now you can observe it in action after the break.

The trailer isn’t exactly stunning — it essentially reveals nothing. But after viewing, you may have a greater appreciation of what Red Fly is trying to accomplish with the title graphically. If you’re a visual whore and have a Wii for whatever reason, get excited. Ghostbusters: The Video Game looks totally rad.

Especially the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Look at him. Stare into his eyes. He’s evil incarnate, yet I wouldn’t mind taking a chunk of mallow out of him and plopping it into my mouth. Surely you can’t catch evil by eating evil, right?

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