Ghost Song is out in November and Super Metroid fans shouldn’t miss it

Ghost Song launches November 3, 2022

It’s been how many years?

The long-time-coming sci-fi metroidvania game Ghost Song is almost finished, and considering we first covered it nine years ago, that’s a big deal! Developer Old Moon and publisher Humble Games are eying a November 3, 2022 release for Ghost Song across Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Seris X/S — including Game Pass.

If you need a refresher, same. Mostly. I could immediately picture this game’s gloomy bioluminescent vibe, as well as its protagonist, but other details were long forgotten.

Here’s a new trailer for the game showing some of the weapons, from a familiar missile launcher, to a flesh-exploding metal fist, to a fast-stabbing spear. As you blast grotesque aliens and skeletal machinery, you’ll generate heat that “empowers your melee attacks.”

From a brief look at the inventory screen, we’ve got stats like Class, Level, HP, Stamina, Resolve, and even Luck. So it’s not strictly a matter of finding key items and abilities.

Player stats in Ghost Song
A look at the player stats in Ghost Song.

Admittedly, I never backed Ghost Song on Kickstarter, and I haven’t been keeping tabs in recent years. Voice acting is an interesting surprise, and I still like the idea of a “Deadsuit” — it just sounds cool. The Super Metroid-inspired antics will unfold on Lorian, a “desolate moon” with notes of “self-discovery, ancient mysteries, and cosmic terror.”

With this latest check-in, my expectations are modest, yet hopeful. It’s challenging to stand out in this crowded genre, as “good” isn’t always “good enough” in today’s market. I do think Ghost Song has the right stuff, conceptually — it’s just a matter of execution.

If you’ve got a Steam Deck ready to go, this one seems like a snug fit — wishlist it here. Otherwise, between Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Game Pass, there will be plenty of ways to check out Ghost Song in November. It’s great to finally enter the home stretch.

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