Deep Rock Galactic developer establishes Ghost Ship Publishing

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Ghost Ship Games, the independent developer behind 2018’s smash hit Deep Rock Galactic, has announced that it has founded a new publishing wing, named, naturally, Ghost Ship Publishing. The new label is the next step in the evolution of the studio, following its purchase by Embracer Group in 2021.

“Becoming a publisher is a way for us to give a bit back to the industry, and to help lift up both the Danish gaming scene and other small developers like ourselves across the globe,” said CEO of Ghost Ship Games Soren Lundgaard in a press statement. “Our goal is to assist fellow developers with funding and marketing expertise, while also helping them establish a solid business. Founding a publishing brand is a passion project for us, and we are very excited to make this a reality.”

“Starting a publishing company is a natural next step for Ghost Ship,” adds CCO Mikkel Martin Pedersen. “We love games and the success of Deep Rock Galactic has now enabled us to help other developers create theirs. We can’t wait to get started.”

Ghost Ship Publishing is believed to already have several titles waiting in the wings for release in 2023 and beyond. The new label will work with independent studios in order to help conceive, finance, and release their respective projects. Ghost Ship Games was originally brought under the EMbracer Group banner in August 2021, as part of a huge acquisition period that also saw the holding company pick up 3D Realms, Easy Trigger, Slipgate Ironworks, CrazyLabs, and several other fledgling studios.

Chris Moyse
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