Ghost of Tsushima has a slick Japanese trailer to watch while you pre-load the game

35GB isn’t the worst

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How many days until Ghost of Tsushima? “Too many.”

That’s the answer I’ve landed on after catching this latest trailer uploaded by PlayStation Japan – a must-watch for fans of Kazuya Nakai, Akio ÅŒtsuka, and Tsutomu Isobe. Thanks to the beauty of dual audio options, they’ll be playing (protagonist) Jin Sakai, Shimura, and Khotun Khan, respectively.

I also just learned that the game can be pre-loaded today, which isn’t helping my impatience. If you’re low on space these days, the Ghost of Tsushima pre-load is a 35GB download, although there’s talk of a day-one update and the PlayStation Store page mentions a “50GB minimum save size.”

One more week to go. I’m ready to explore the ever-loving shit out of this island map.

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