Get your first look at Mega Man 11’s silly ‘Balloon Rush’ mode

I’ll give it a go

Things are really starting to come together in terms of Mega Man 11‘s ancillary modes. A few months back Capcom kind of just hinted that the game would be absolutely packed with them, and since then we’ve only had a few screens to go off of.

Now thanks to Capcom TV (and ShadowRockZX’s capture of the program below) we have a clearer idea of what they’ll entail. Today’s new clip involves Balloon Attack, which is being showcased on Fuse Man’s level. The gist is that you need to blow up blue balloons for a high score while avoiding red balloons that add to your timer — 12 minutes and it’s game over. As ShadowRockZX astutely points out minibosses and even regular enemies are sidelined for this mode. It’s basically all about avoiding environmental hazards and hitting as many blue marks as possible.

While this would normally be a throwaway mode in other games, I can see myself using this to actually learn the layout of each stage as I attempt speedrun records and no damage runs down the line. Some of the placements of clusters of red balloons are really clever and mastering them will make you a straight-up better player.

[Thanks Jack!]

Chris Carter
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