Get Left 4 Dead PC for $14.99 through October 2

The new Left 4 Dead campaign, “Crash Course,” is available now for both the Xbox 360 and PC. Xbox 360 owners have to fork over a few MS Points, but PC owners can get the content for free. I know this because without telling me, Steam decided to download it and then was like “What up? Your download is done, bitch. Stop working and let’s shoot some zombies.”

Don’t tell my boss.  
Anyway, free’s a good deal, but if you don’t have Left 4 Dead on the PC, that’s worthless. So until October 2, Valve is offering the game on steam for 50% off. That’s $14.99. Yes, fifteen bucks for Left 4 Dead. We like this game quite a bit, if you haven’t heard. It’s good. You kill zombies, and you can do it with friends. It’s like training for the apocalypse.
Also available: Buy four copies of the game for $44.99. Go on — do it
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