Get a year of PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold for $40

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Update 4/14: Deal’s back on the PS Plus!

Deals on PlayStation Plus subscriptions are pretty rare, particularly at the $40 price point. Before today’s deal, the last time we spotted a 12-month PS Plus card for $40 was in January. And before that? All the way back in September of last year.

As of this morning, eBay powerseller neogames has a truckload of physical Sony PlayStation Plus one-year membership subscription cards available for $39.99 with free standard shipping. Xbox gamers won’t need to feel left out either, the same deal is available for one year worth of Xbox Live Gold from the same retailer.

We generally receive a quantity notification from eBay, but that info is missing in action today on the PS Plus. So if you’re reading this a few days later, don’t be surprised if they’ve run out of stock at the $40 price. For the Xbox One, expect the $40 deal price to end when quantity reaches the ~88,000 mark.

If you were hoping for a digital code so you can renew your subscription ASAP, you’re a bit out of luck, but shipping is free at the very least. The cards do not expire, so you can stack these up for when your PS Plus subscription nears expiration.

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