Get a PlayStation Plus 12-month card for only $38.99

If a Plus is a must

Summer rages on and the PlayStation Plus membership is on sale again for $38.99. These are always popular when discounted given their utility, so to speak.

Your free PlayStation Plus games this month on PS4 are Furi, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, and early access to the Paragon beta. Well, if you thought any of these were must-haves, or you just need to renew your membership, now is not a bad time given the 22% discount on the 12-month cards.

This deal is part of a limited-time offer from eBay Deals via RushHourWholesaler. It went live at 10:00am Pacific and at the time of writing has sold 872 units. That’s pretty impressive and means the offer is likely to sell out soon. Word from eBay is that there are 3,000 cards available at this price.

Is a PS Plus card worth it at this price? Everyone is different, but there is definitely some credence to the notion a PS Plus membership pays for itself. If you honestly are going to play all the games this month to their fullest extent, Furi carries a $25 list price while Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is listed at $15 — adding up to a “$40” list price value.

If the current batch of PS Plus deals isn’t appealing, buy this card now and activate your membership when the need arises. No expiration date is associated with these cards and you can stack subscription length as you see fit.

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