German Amazon requires PSP and game purchase for people who want a PS3

Without Germany, my career at Destructoid would be so dull.

If it wasn’t for their crazy legislation regarding games or their amazingly bad film maker du jour, I’d be known as “that hipster who craps on people’s musical tastes and espouses the benefits of an all-bear government“. Thank you Germany, for turning me into the Elijah Lovejoy of the gaming world.

So what has Germany done this time? Apparently the German branch of has decided that Sony wasn’t gouging people enough with the price of their PlayStation 3 console, so they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands. They are now forcing people into purchasing a PSP and a copy of Ridge Racer in order to pick up a PlayStation 3 . What if you already own a PSP? I imagine they point and laugh at you as you add another to your growing library of useless Sony branded plastic.

I have a dream that someday Germany will redeem itself, possibly by offering me large sums of gold. If you Germans make it happen, I won’t even ask where it came from. It can be our little secret. 

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