Geraldo Beedog’s new book now available in the FOXTOID store for $29.95

In our continued effort to bring you HARD-HITTING, unbiased journalism, FOXTOID recommends the new book by Geraldo Beedog: Surely you would never spy me doing that bad thing you just did. Geraldo Beedog says on the book jacket:

“It is my hope that every person who considers himself a true American will buy my book. It is rich with wisdom and guidance in a world decayed by modern videogame culture. In it, I recount my service in the US Armed Forces during the marshmallow peeps war, as well as my hard-hitting work concerning the Joseph Leray scandal. Why have I written this memoir? Because JOURNALISM.”

When asked how the project was funded, Geraldo Beedog noted that he borrowed ten dollars from Orcist and eight dollars from Dan Paladin. 

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