Geon: Emotions on XBLA this Wednesday

Geon: Emotions

is coming to Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday for 800 MS Points. If you’ve got no idea what genre of game Geon is, don’t feel too bad. I didn’t know what was going on either until I went on a quest for knowledge and found the developer’s Web site.

In the words of Strawdog Studios, their game is a “fast paced, rainbow colored arcade collect ’em up for 1-4 players.” Ah, it all makes sense now! So, it’s sort of like Crystal Castles, but with more emotion and less gay bears, right?

I’ve listened to some of Geon‘s soundtrack already and believe it or not, it’s actually pretty decent. I’m not sure how big of a role it will play with the different emotions, but it can’t hurt to have music that won’t require you to mute the volume.

Are you guys going to give Geon: Emotions a shot or pray that there’s an unannounced “mystery game” coming?

Jordan Devore
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