Geoff Keighley says Metal Gear Rising 2 rumor ‘is not true’

‘Slice that rumor’

Notorious videogame journalizer and all around nice fella Geoff Keighley just tweeted a tweet that’s sure to put a frown on the face of many Metal Gear fans. Keighley has reportedly spoken to Ken Imaizumi of Kojima Productions who have confirmed that the tease at the Taipei Game Show was not for Metal Gear Rising 2. When asked what the “2” was referring to, Imaizumi-san went on to tweetWe don’t know. Sounds like it just a countdown number ‘2’. It’s SCE made trailer.”

If memory serves, Keighley was involved with the VGAs where The Phantom Pain was first revealed as a not-Metal Gear game, so I’m not entirely sure we can trust him on this one. Who could blame him if he was working with Kojima on some elaborate prank or playful piece of misdirection? I will not be at all surprised if we hear from Kojima in a few weeks that the Taipei tease “.. was not for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 2. It was for Metal Gear Fukpocolypse 2 Explosicide, an upcoming title from Platinum Games starring Raiden where he cuts guys’ heads off after he’s already cut them in half. We hope you enjoy it.”

We’ve reached out to Keighley, Kojima and Sony Computer Entertainment for comment. 

Jonathan Holmes
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