Genshin Impact has a new free slime web game that grants rewards

Genshin Impact slime game

It’s live now through July 10

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Genshin Impact is still trucking, and as we move into the eventual 3.0 expansion, the team is incrementally adding more stuff through new updates (2.8 is arriving on July 13). The next tie-in event is the Genshin Impact slime game Bouncing Blobby Slimes, which you can play now via a web app.

Unlike several other previous web games, this one is entirely skill-based. You’ll take various slimes (with different properties and physics systems) and jump from block to block in a bid to score as many points as possible. To jump, you just hold on the screen (or click), aim the jump, then release to fling your slime. The closer you are to the middle of the platform when you land, the more score you’ll net.

Genshin Impact slime game 2

To play more levels you’ll need stamina, which is tied to:

  • Logging in to the web event daily
  • Logging into Genshin Impact daily
  • Completing two daily commissions in Genshin Impact daily
  • Using 40 original resin in Genshin Impact daily
  • Visiting the HoYoLAB website

Rewards include the typical loot linked to these types of things:

  • Primogems
  • Enhancement ore
  • Mora (gold)
  • Hero’s Wit (XP boosting books)

The event is more fun than a lot of former tie-ins because of the interactive element, so give it a shot if you still play Genshin. You can partake until July 10 at 23:59 (UTC+8).

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