Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors update launches three pretty big events (Update)

Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors 1

Flameplume Starflowers, The Great Gathering, and Wondrous Shadows

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[Update: The fourth Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors event is live as of January 31, 2022! Check out the details below.]

The Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors event is here, and it actually comes with three events in one. Here’s how they work.

Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors Flameplume Starflowers

Flameplume Starflowers location

So this one is really easy to kick off (just select the quest and head to Liyue), and will grant you the “launch tube” gadget. The questline is all about fireworks, and will allow you to smelt your own to launch.

These are like a minor puzzle of sorts. You have a capped amount of energy to expend to craft each firework type, and they have three parameters that need to be filled to a certain level on a bar (you can fill them too little or too much). Energy can be used with different abilities, like “increasing one greatly and the other two slightly,” or “increasing one by a moderate amount.” Your job is to get all three bars lined up without going overboard or using too much energy. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of, and make sure you use the “multiple levels” abilities often to save time.

Subsequent firework puzzles are timed unlocks, with the last one coming in four days from publication. Once you make the fireworks, you can actually launch them into the air for fun.

Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors Guyun Stone Forest location

The Great Gathering location

This is arguably the most interesting and complex of the three event quests. You’ll be heading to the Guyun Stone Forest (southeast of the map to the east of Liyue) to sail around the island formation, salvage loot, and fight pirates. You’ll even get a ship!

Once you pick up the quest go to the lower right-hand corner (circled above) and jump off the tallest mountain onto the huge barge off of the coast. The NPCs there will grant you your miniature ship, which can be accessed at the compass icons (again, circled) throughout the island.

Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors Wonderous Shadows

Wonderous Shadows location

The shadow portion of the event is easily the most low-key.

Once you start it at the Liyue docks, you’re pretty much done with the questline. Your job is to project a shadow object out of a jumble of wooden blocks: that’s it. You can rotate the block horizontally and vertically (hold A to lock it and rotate), and you just need to make something out of the jumble. Once time runs out the game will provide you with the object: then you still need to create it.

This one can be relatively brute-forced if you just aren’t seeing the shape (kind of like Magic Eye!). Try and rotate something to every angle you can think of, hold it to lock the shape, then try that separate rotation, then repeat.

As an aside, you should do the initial questline for all three of these at the very least. They’ll show up in your quest log, and will provide a few worthwhile rewards just for doing the intros. In four days (from publication) a fourth event, Oceanic Defender, will unlock.

Genshin Impact Fleeting Colors 5

Oceanic Defender location and challenges

The fourth event is live, and it’s basically just a redux of a story boss with a few challenges.

To access it, you just need to hit this map icon (highlighted with the red circle) and walk through [select] the door; or select it from the series of challenge menus.

You can play it solo or via co-op, and the basic gist is that if you clear it six times, you can get currency for the Oceanic Defender event to use on items. There are also two other challenges: one is a DPS check, and the other is a dodge check. Here’s the full list!

  • Complete the challenge 1 time in total
  • Complete the challenge 6 times in total
  • Complete the challenge 6 times in total
  • Defeat Beisht before she can dive 4 times
  • Defeat Beisht without being hit by her Jetstream attack

All of this will run through February 14 at 3:59AM server time, and you need to be Adventurer Rank 28 or above (and have finished Chapter I: Act III’s Archon Quest A New Star Approaches.

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