Geist developer closed down after 21 years

Best of luck to everyone affected

Orlando-based developer N-Space has shut down after 21 years in the business. 

Founded in 1994, N-Space spent the majority of its history working on ports for Nintendo platforms and licensed games. However, the studio is perhaps better remembered for the excellent 2005 GameCube exclusive Geist and its swan song, Dungeons & Dragons title Sword Coast Legends.

Wizards of the Coast confirmed N-Space’s closure with VentureBeat this week.

“Yes, N-Space is shutting down, and we are super-sad about it,” a company spokesperson said. “We are proud of everything they did in bringing Sword Coast Legends to D&D fans, and we sincerely hope everyone at N-Space lands on their feet.”

Ben Leary, an artist at N-Space, confirmed the news over Twitter, saying the development staff “worked long and hard to keep this from happening,” even through “rounds of layoffs” in recent months.

“As for Sword Coast Legends going forward,” the Wizards of the Coast representative added, “it is unclear at this time, but we are working with Digital Extremes, the official PC publisher, to make sure everyone has the best possible experience with the game. Right now, we believe the Rage of Demons DLC will be released for PC, but we are confirming with Digital Extremes.”

Before shuttering, N-Space completed development on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Sword Coast Legends, which Wizards of the Coast is “hopeful” will be released “soon.”

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