Gears of Wars 2 screens make you wish you had a chainsaw handy

Few games on this planet have the ability to rev me up like Gears of War does. Our newest batch of screenshots shows off a few unique creatures like the Reaver and Flame Boomer. Both monsters look like they’re ready to be chopped in half with a chainsaw. One could argue that the task would be tough with the Reaver considering its size, but I beg to differ. You give me a couple of hours, and I can deliver the world.

Also included in the batch is box art for the game, which is decidedly tamer than what I expected. In fact, it doesn’t even have a skull on it. At least Mr. Fenix is willing to put up his fist slightly, which I gather is supposed to mean he’s awesome or something.

Gears of War 2 is coming to the 360 this November.  If you’re curious as to what to expect with the title check out the list of Achievements that can be unlocked. They allude to quite a few interesting scenarios.

Brad BradNicholson