Gears of War goes double platinum, son

Damn, we knew the 360’s Gears of War was gonna be hot, but two million sold already, really? Released just six weeks ago, the game has already reached double platinum status. Watch out Diddy, Cliffy B’s on your tail! Here’s the news:

Gamers love their chainsaw bayonets, as Microsoft announced today that Gears of War has broken the 2 million sold mark worldwide.

The game released six weeks ago to critical acclaim and virtually immediate commercial success. Publisher Microsoft released the Epic Games-developed title six weeks ago, and it was the top-selling game in the US in November, according to the NPD, selling 1 million units.

Microsoft said that it’s the fastest-selling Xbox exclusive ever, and the fastest-selling next-gen game of 2006.

This title and Cliffy damn well deserve the success on a brilliant refresher to the shooting genre. Big ups Epic. It shouldn’t be hard to go any further into the sales stratosphere, ’cause I can’t really imagine and Xbox 360 owner NOT owning this game.

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