Gears of War 2 site goes live

While you’re sure to get all the Gears of War 2 lovin’ you’ll need from our E3 coverage, every little bit of blood-soaked info is welcome when it comes the sequel for Microsoft’s rampaging shooter. There’s a slew of concept art and desktop wallpapers available on the recently unveiled site, as well as some new shots of the assault derrick. But, of course, that’s not all.

There’s also two new characters introduced on the site: Dizzy Wallin, former Stranded turned soldier who apparently does a mean impression of a sad cowboy, and Tai Kaliso, a warrior-philosopher with a bit of history with Marcus Fenix. Additionally, Rockworms are revealed as a new enemy, and look for all the world like a cross between an HR Giger fever dream and the more disgusting stages of insect life-cycles.

Go on and revel in every gorey little detail, the screenshots and concept art alone is worth the trip.

Qais Fulton