GDC 09: A guinea pig with a jet pack? Yup, that’s G-Force!

Covert spy guinea pigs? Sure, why not. A Jerry Bruckheimer film about a team of covert spy guinea pigs? Yes, that’s happening, and it’s called G-Force. Set to hit theaters this July, the film is about a team of specially trained guinea pigs on a mission to stop an evil billionaire whose plans include an unlikely plot to take over the world with weaponized household appliances.

At GDC this week, we had a chance to check out the next-gen version of the videogame tie, being developed by Eurocom and published by Disney Interactive. In this third-person action title, players control the team’s leader, Darwin (voiced by Sam Rockwell) as he uses all manner of high-tech gadgets to battle deadly appliances like killer toasters, irons, and more. The game has a slight Ratchet and Clank vibe, with a ton of different weapons and gadgets that can be upgraded by spending collectible microchips which acts as the game’s currency.

We also saw one particular gadget that acted a bit like a sidekick, a household fly called Mooch. With the ability to slow down time and a laser beam that can deactivate door panels, Mooch can gain access to areas previously unreachable to Darwin. He may very well be the most useful housefly in history, with Jeff Goldblum coming in at a close second.

The version of G-Force we were shown will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but it’ll be making the rounds across other platforms as well, including the Nintendo DS and Wii.

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