GDC 08: Greatest game name ever? Requiem: Bloodymare is on the way

Bloodymare? Seriously … Bloodymare? I’ve had to re-read that name at least half a dozen times to make sure I’ve got it right. It doesn’t even make sense, and by God I love it. Requiem: Bloodymare is a new MMORPG with the adult gamer in mind, and is promising to inject a dose of true carnage into your massively multiplayer online world.

The name, as nonsensical (and fantastic) as it is, gives a hint of what to expect. There is said to be blood. Lots of blood. So much of the stuff, in fact, that apparently every swing of the sword is greeted with a spray of ichor while limbs and heads roll aplenty. 

Bloodymare is set in a world where monsters have been unleashed thanks to the magic and technology used in wars between differing races. In order to combat these beasts, each of the world’s races developed genetically modified super soldiers. It is one of these soldiers you play as in the game, cleaving foes in twain, turning into beasts and watching the world get shrouded in darkness as “nightmares” take hold.

Sounds completely barmy, and certainly not one for the kids. Had I the time and motivation to seriously check out MMORPGs, I think this is definitely something I’d be looking into, on pure novelty value alone.

Jim Sterling