GayGamer asks, ‘Do you manscape?’ and the answer is a resounding yes

Even though we may seem like towering paragons of intellectual rigor, valiantly broadcasting our integrity from the ivoriest of towers, games journalists are, by and large, normal people. Which is to say that some of us have balls, and that those balls need to be shaved every once in a while.

The only reason I know this, however, is because the fine folks at GayGamer took some time at E3 to ask our esteemed peers about their grooming habits. In the last in a series of short interviews with a bevy of games journalists, GayGamer boldly asks, “Do you manscape?” If that sounds awkward (or hysterical, depending on your point of view), that’s because it is.

In all seriousness, though, GayGamer’s “Video Scrapbook of Precious E3 Memories” series is simultaneously entertaining and enlightening, providing a quick, panoramic view of the collective Blogocube. I couldn’t help but watch all eight in rapid succession, and I suggest you do too. 

For the inquiring minds that want to know, yes, I manscape. Aggressively.

[Via GayGamer

Joseph Leray