Gay videogame designer sues Microsoft for discrimination

This article is over 15 years old and may contain outdated information

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We know there have been some issues regarding Xbox Live Gamertags and statements of sexuality, especially those having to do with homosexuality. I’m not so sure you can actually judge Microsoft on those incidents, as they seem to just be trying to keep Xbox Live clean, but a new lawsuit filed against them may get people really wondering about their stance on topics such as sexism.

The Daily Mail reports that Jamie Durrant, a gay 38-year-old designer based out of Surrey, England, is suing Microsoft for £45,000, claiming that the company discriminated against his sexual orientation. According to Durrant, emails were sent around the office with titles like “I’m Jim and I’m Gay” and “Me and My Favourite Men.” Upon contacting Microsoft’s HR department about it, they informed him they would send out an email to the deparment about the matter and later reneged, saying new policies would have to be put in place before such an email could be sent.

Mr. Durrant was then asked to sign a document stating that his claim had been dealt with, but he refused. By that time, another abusive message had been left in the staff kitchen. Since that time, he has been out of work for seven months, stating depression as the cause. Microsoft declines to comment on this.

It’s hard to know where to even begin when it comes to what to think of the story. Being female, I’ve experienced some weirdness in the workplace at old jobs, but nothing even close to this. What are your thoughts?

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