Gato Roboto is the mini-Mewtroid of my dreams

Black, white and cute all over

I’ve been writing for Destructoid for about ten years now, and in all that time, two things haven’t changed. The first is, I still know that Mewtroid is the best WarioWare micro-game ever. The second is, I still think that fans of 2D Metroid games are more passionate about the series than its publisher. I recently finished Metroid: Samus Returns after first booting it up years ago, and while I liked much of the combat and puzzle-solving, so many of the things that defined the best in side-scrolling series felt either greatly diminished or gone entirely. 

Part of the reason I feel that way is that I’ve been spoiled by all the Metroid-inspired games that have been released in recent years. If I hadn’t played AM2REnvironment Station Alpha, Xeodrifter, Dandara, and Axiom Verge in the years building up to the day I first booted up Samus Returns, I’m sure my expectations would have been much less lofty. Thankfully, the fans are continuing to give me more of the brand of Metroid action that I love so much. 

Case in point, Gato Roboto, an upcoming game that has actually reached past the surface level part of my brain that holds my love of Metroid and found the part that has been waiting for Nintendo to make a full Mewtroid game for the past 13 years. I’ve actually had my eye on this one for a while but the recent announcement of its name, and that it’s coming to Switch and PC, have taken the game from my “cautiously-optimistic” to my “most wanted in 2019” lists. For more on this fine feline attraction stay tuned to Destructoid for a more in-depth preview straight from PAX West 2018.

Jonathan Holmes
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