Garden Warfare 2 is about to begin the Trials of Gnomus

Free update with limited-time modes

With another free update for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 dropping today, there will be more modes to play and, as a result, more things to unlock for your characters. It never ends.

The “Trials of Gnomus” update adds the Mystery Portal, a gateway that grants access to limited-time modes in Garden Warfare 2 including Cats vs. Dinos, Boss Hunt, and Super Mix Mode. By competing in some of the new activities, like the gnomes’ new Trials of Eternity, you can earn rare customization items. Again, I say, it never ends!

A fresh face, Rux the Deal Breaker, is also lurking around Zomburbia. He’ll trade “precious goods” for your coins, with new items coming into his inventory weekly.

So many reasons to check back in on a daily basis for bonuses, but I keep neglecting Garden Warfare 2. My plants are probably all sad and withered by now. Zombies can’t go bad, at least.

Jordan Devore
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