Check out the first gameplay footage for Gangs of Sherwood

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Golly, what a day…

As part of this morning’s Nacon Connect live stream, the publisher offered up our first look at the gameplay of co-op action adventure Gangs of Sherwood, which is currently in development at Appeal Studios for PC and Gen 9 platforms. It is currently expected to launch in the fall of this year.

As the name suggests, Gangs of Sherwood is a multiplayer adventure set within an alternate, steampunk-style take on the Robin Hood legend. Up to four players will step into the roles of warriors Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and, of course, Robin of Loxley himself. The very early gameplay footage sees our band of outlaws battling their way through a castle, with each member of the party bringing bespoke weaponry and fighting skills as they sally forth past a squadron of guards.

The trailer ends with Sherwood Forest’s finest facing off against a monstrous contraption of flesh and steel, known as “Red Roger of Nottingham”. What is it with Nacon and rusty, aristocratic robots?

While this alpha footage is a tad rough around the edges, I actually really dig the idea of a multiplayer hack ‘n’ slash title, and the novel twist on the tales of Robin Hood is a pretty bold concept. I don’t see any sexy foxes, nor can I hear Brian Adams, so I’m assuming that this will be a particularly unique adaptation of the Totally Real and Definitely Existed hero. I’m especially eager to see what form Robin’s nemesis, The Sheriff of Nottingham, will take in Gangs of Sherwood.

He’s going to be a massive fucking robot spider, isn’t he?

Gangs of Sherwood is scheduled to launch this fall on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. You can check out an extended gameplay preview over on the official Steam store page.

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