Gaming and drinking together as always

The Official Xbox Magazine, tired of covering games sober, has gone ahead and notched the nerdiness level up a few degrees by getting some high-end drink creators to come up with some very special alcoholic drinking recipes. The drinks come from all over the Xbox gaming arena including faves like Left 4 Dead and BioShock. Looking at them, and then reading the instructions for making them, makes it very clear that most of these drinks are far more about the look then the “getting drunk and passing out on the floor.”

Most of the drinks require a pestel of some sort and the instructions for the Spinning Pile Driver include carving off a lemon skin in a spiral shape and wrapping it around the inside of a glass, using ice cubes to prop up the skin to the inside of the glass. If I went through all the trouble to make a drink like that I doubt I’d want to drink it let alone make enough to get properly drunk off of it. No, the true irony here is that while the drinks are named things like Boomer Bile, The Plasmid and Bum Rush they look more like something you would find far far away from your living room’s 360. 

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