GameStop to host a Fight Night Round 4 national tournament

GameStop wants you to punch a dude in the face in one of their stores this weekend.

On Saturday, the bastion of civilization will kick off a national tournament for EA Sports’ sleek boxing title, Fight Night Round 4. The tournament is in-store tiered (at over 2,100 locations — call your local GameStop to find out if they want you to cut a dude’s head open), but skilled finalists will be able to leave the confines of the store and fight in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The winner of the finals event, dubbed the “Showdown on the Strip,” will receive five thousand dollars and a championship belt.

We’ve heard reports that Destructoid’s Samit “sports guy” Sarkar won’t be participating in the event at his local GameStop. The multiple losses Sarkar suffered at the hands of Reverend Anthony in FNR4 have, apparently, shamed him to the point where he no longer leaves his room. Sarkar has been pooping in a bucket for the last week and hasn’t shown signs of recovery.

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