Gamestop promotes game trading with … air fresheners?

Before this news, the strangest instance of game promotion was a can of Pringles with trivia on them sent to then-Reviews Editor Aaron Linde, which left all of us befuddled and unsure whether to eat them or display them in a case and charge admission to view the oddity. This rather usurps that though, as I’m struggling to draw the connection between Lavender Little Trees and Gamestop.

The letter you see above was received by Shacknews, penned by one Mr. Edgar the Gaming Ogre (he must be playing some awful games to look like that), in which he implores that the recipient accept the air fresheners as a reminder that you can trade in your “funky-smelling games” and use the credit towards brand new titles with that “new game” smell.  

It’s days like this that I boggle over how PR people manage to keep their jobs, but perhaps that emotion is just a shoddy cover up for the fact that I am in fact envious that our office will not smell like a lavender meadow. Since Monolith’s kind donation of diapers, it hasn’t smelled quite right around here, although I’ll admit I don’t have the courage to track down the person in the office who might be using them as we speak.

[Thanks, Chris]

Colette Bennett