Games of the week for E3 2010: Everyone’s tired edition

As you likely know, Jim usually does this. But he’s wiped from E3. Everyone is, actually. No one’s in a mood or anything, and we feel pretty good about our coverage, but today is definitely a down day. We need a down day, company wide.

I didn’t do sh*t today. I ate a huge brunch, took some pictures, pulled weeds out of my flowerbeds, watched television and played some Wii. No writing or work or anything. Because of this, I felt that the least I could do is post this Games of the week item. I’m totally not doing anything after this either.

Speaking of taking pictures, I felt this image of my corgi sleeping was appropriate for the day.

Hit the jump to see an example of our enthusiasm today.

Razak: Mario Galaxy and Joe Danger for review. I’m digging Joe Danger much more than I thought I would, gotta finish it up though. Only one more star to go in Galaxy.

Devore: A tiny bit of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and a dash of Banjo-Tooie since it was on sale for Xbox LIVE Arcade (really good port).

Tolentino: I had intended to play a bunch of Alpha Protocol and finish Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Awakening this week, but instead I ended up playing Metal Gear Peace Walker, God of War 3, Far Cry 2, and Assassin’s Creed 2. Surprising, but not unwelcome.

Chester: Too many games to mention with E3 this week. Check out our coverage — I touched just about every game we covered and then some. The remainder of 2010 and what’s to come in 2011 is going to be an awesome time for gamers.

Sterling: I played E3. It was a challenging game.

Holmes: Spent more time shooting video and fighting with crappy internet than doing anything else last week, even playing videogames. Played Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the plane, almost done with the game, though I hear there’s more to it after the credits roll.

Sarkar: Because I didn’t want to go near videogames during the day (after writing about them all day, every day this week), the only games I played were Rock Band 2 and The Beatles: Rock Band at Dtoider Nintendoll‘s birthday party last night. Good times!

Lingen: I’ve played a bunch of games, but they all seemed to be overshadowed with the 3DS, which I know technically counts as hardware, but it was quite the experience, and as such must be included. Other than that, we spent a majority of the time re-playing Half Life and Half Life 2 in hopes there would be some sort of announcement, but alas there wasn’t. And to round it off I’ll be downloading the Medal of Honor beta soon, so expect to finally see me on the PSN!

North: I didn’t play shit. No really.

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