Games of the week for 31/08/08: Everyone is at PAX edition

Everybody is at PAX this week, except for me and a few other people who don’t count because they’re not me. Between PAX and that Labor Day stuff you Americans love so much, it’s quiet and boring and there’s nobody else in the Destructoid office. It’s so cold here, and lonely. So very lonely. 

In a show of pity, however, a handful of the Destructoid staff actually contributed to Games of the Week this Sunday, so if you really must know what we’ve been playing, I suppose you can hit the jump. I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’m sure you have plenty of PAX and Labor Day related business to be getting on with. Don’t let the likes of me keep you. I’ll just stay here. I’ll just stay here and rot.

DMV: I’m playing The Last Guy, which would be a lot more fun if the game had any sound. So, I jump between that and Disgaea 3, which is fantastic, minus Vic McDuck’s voice acting.

Colette: It’s funny to think that I’m at PAX and haven’t played many games, but it’s easy to be distracted when you have 75 friends around you at all times! I got to see Gears of War 2 and Left for Dead, but of which look amazing. I also got to see gameplay of Velvet Assassin which I went from knowing nothing about to wanting really bad! Other than that, starting to work my way through the hard levels of Rhythm Tengoku Gold. Second ping pong challenge: fear it.

Justin: By some stroke of fortune I happened to find a copy of Super Robot Taisen Original Generation in a K-Mart bargain bin, so I’ve been playing that along with some Castle Crashers and Bubble Bobble.

Jim: Well, obviously I’ve been playing plenty of Castle Crashers (Destructoid review coming soon, kids) and having an utter blast with it. The ending sequence made me burst out laughing and that’s something that rarely happens in a videogame. On a less pleasant note, I am also playing through Too Human for the official review. I will leave the discussion of the game for the review itself, but let’s just say that I am not too Jimpressed thus far. I have no idea how some of the stuff in that game was ever considered a good idea by somebody.

Orcist: Trying to move has limited my time with games, but I’ve been squeezing small chunks of Super Stardust and Final Fantasy III into my spare time.

Grim: Loads of Castle Crashers, Mercenaries 2, and TimeSplitters 2. It’s been one hell of a good week in terms of gaming.

Jonathan: Was playing The Last Guy for an impressions piece I hope to do with Brad, but my TV shat the bed and had to play with a barely functioning screen. It is a game that you can play with a only minamally functioning TV, just not very well.

So I got a new TV today, as well as Dragon Quest Swords (on sale for $20 at Best Buy), Beautiful Katamari (always $20, if you can find it). Still haven’t played either though, still too busy with The Last Guy, Castle Crashers, Bionic Commando Rearmed, and more Mega Man 1.

The downloadable game has finally triumphed over it’s disk based forefathers. The king is dead, long live the new king!

James Stephanie Sterling