Games of the week for 09/13/09: Free Love Freeway edition

This week’s video is my favorite clip from The Office (it’s not called “The UK Office,” it’s called The Office because it’s the proper one). It may very well be my favorite clip of all comedy in the history of everything. It is rather awesome indeed.

I must say though that I’ve become somewhat addicted to The US Office (and that’s what it’s definitely called). When I was super sick last weekend I just sat and watched over four hours straight of it. Now I keep wanting to watch more. It’s very rare I get into American comedy, so I am quite pleased. 

Speaking of American comedy, we played videogames this week. Hit the jump to find out which ones.

Bennett: Muramasa: The Demon Blade has captured my attention completely, and I’m happy to report it’s all I hoped it would be and more. After I needed a break from it, Niero and I checked out some Contra: Rebirth, which was actually pretty decent — I suspect it’ll make retro fans happy.

Razak: I tried to dive back into RE5, but I just can’t. It’s worn off on me. I was player though, so I’m going to attempt to bring someone else in and see if it re-sparks my previous excitement for the game. Otherwise I’ve just been Laytoning it up. With Mario and Luigi and Scribblenauts landing next week my DS is easily going to be my most played system of the month.

Aziz: I played EMBARGOED for two days straight. Look for a review of EMBARGOED soon!

Cantler: I didn’t play any of the games you probably wanted me to have played this week. Sorry.

Sterling: Darkest of Days was finally completed as should be evident by now. I washed the foul taste of that game out of my mouth with a little Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. I used to play the demo on PC over and over again when I was a child. It’s fun having the full version on my PSP now. Same goes for Final Fantasy VII, which I’ve also been playing some more of.

Zimmerman: I’ve been playing Castlevania: Dracula X Chornicles now that I have a PSP and enjoying it quite a bit. I also fired up some Rock Band 2 to play the new PAX and Freezepop packs of DLC which came out this past week.

Grim: Arkham Asylum! Seriously, I wish I hadn’t put off buying this game for so long. I got it on Friday, and practically beat it the same day. Now the collectathon lover in me is having a blast going back and finishing up the Riddler challenges. Also, I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMBIES IN 1T!!!1. Best. Soundtrack. Ever.


North: Demon’s Souls is a demon. Phantom Brave is…a phantom? I also played Pangya 4 for PC but I got nothing for that.

Aziz: Pangya is a pain, ya?

Chester: I’ve been sick most of the week, but when I have been feeling well enough to play games they’ve been: Borderlands, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, and various types of games with Rock Band in the title. Also, the three song DJ Hero demo over and over and over again. I think I like it. It’s hard to say.

Holmes: I encourage Razak to power through RE5‘s campaign mode to unlock the game’s Mercenaries mode.I think it’s worth it. Mercenaries fixed all the stuff about RE5 that I didn’t like, including Chris’s stupid right arm.

It’s also exciting to here that Conrad is playing Rondo of Blood. I love Rondo.

As for me, I’ve also been playing Muramasa. People that imported it months ago have been telling me for a while that the game looks good but has no soul. So far, I haven’t found that to be true (on Hard mode anyway).  It could use a little more platforming, but other than that, the game’s giving me everything that I want from it.

I haven’t been playing the game as much over the past few days. I got the Bonk’s Adventure Gamecube remake in the mail on Friday, and I’m totally smitten. It’s even better than Bionic Commando Rearmed, and probably takes the cake as my #1 retro-remake (at least, for the moment). Hudson should really toss this sucker onto XBLA/PSN/WiiWare, or localize it for retail, or put it on that new PSP store or something. I can see why they didn’t bring it out of Japan when it was first released in 2003, as interest in 2D platformers was pretty low at that time, but these days, with New Super Mario Bros Wii, Shadow Complex and all sorts of 2D gaming tearing up the scene, I think that Bonk remake could really bring in the bucks.

OK, rant over. The rest of the week consisted of the Katamari Forever demo, which was disappointing, and some KoF XII, which was fun as always. Going to try and sneak in on Nilcam’s tourney, if he’ll have me.

Orcist: Since someone between Sea-Tac and Nashville stole my goddamned DS, I won’t be playing Scribblenauts, even though I’ll have to go pick up my pre-order Tuesday. I’ve been filling the void with Dragon Quest VIII and Beautiful Katamari.

Sarkar: I’ve been spending most of my time with NHL 10 this week, but I can’t talk about it until tomorrow. What I can say, though, is that it is a hockey videogame from EA Sports.

While doing some reading for class on Thursday, I happened to be listening to Steve Miller Band on my iPod, so I popped in Rock Band 2 on Friday and played “Space Cowboy” (among other songs). That song is really fun on drums! I don’t have The Beatles: Rock Band yet, but that’s probably for the better, since it would just distract me from NHL 10.

I also checked out a couple of PSN demos. After I got back from PAX, I tried the WET demo. It was kinda fun, but the overwhelming impression I got from it was “janky.” Last night, I played the Katamari Forever demo, which is the first Katamari game I’ve ever tried out (I own the PS2 original, but I’ve never actually put the disc in my PS3). It was alright, I guess — but is it just me, or are the camera controls absolutely broken (or nonexistent)? I don’t get why the camera can’t stay behind your Katamari at all times, because you seem to go much slower when you’re not moving forward. Or maybe I’m just dumb.

Concelmo: This week was an amazing week of gaming: ‘Splosion Man. Effin’ incredible. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Even better than the first. Batman: Arkham Asylum. Maybe the best superhero game ever made. Muramasa: The Demon Blade. GORGEOUS! And just when I think it can’ t get any better? Next week Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story and Scribblenauts are going to enter my life.

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