Games of the week for 04/27/08: Green clarinet edition

When I wasn’t working my fingers to the bone in a South East London office for a pittance of a wage, I spent my free time this weekend OD’ing on the comedy stylings of sirs Mitchell & Webb. Enjoy the whimsical wonders of the green clarinet!
Videogames were also played by the cadre of bloggers on this here blog-type thing that you are reading with your eyes. Hit the jump to see what we’ve been playing, even though you don’t care and have only hit the “view story” button so you can post a comment to tell us what YOU have been playing.
You self-absorbed little scrotums.

Nick: A lot of Mario Kart Wii has been played, and last night I played quite a bit of Rock Band with some friends. I did not play any Grand Theft Auto IV, because I do not have Grand Theft Auto IV.

Colette: This has been a busy week.

Lost Odyssey, Puzzle Quest (my PQ character has level capped, I feel lost), Lost Cities, Radiant Silvergun, Sexy Parodisus, Pokeman Mystery Dungeon, Teenage Zombies, and last but not least, Taiko No Tatsujin 7 DS (That’s the new Taiko Drum Master DS, and it is GREAT.)

Ron: It has been a very busy week for Colette. I have been watching her through the window at night. Its hot. Hot like Fiya! Im a little hooked on Star Wars Lego Wars: The Complete Saga, Ninja Gaiden 2, 1942, Braid, COD4, and planning for the May 31st NARP in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is going to be hot. Hot like Fiya!

Samit: I missed WNW for the first time in a while, but I did manage to try out the new CoD 4 maps on FNF. For some reason, Killhouse hasn’t come up in the rotation yet, but the other three maps are cool. Also, I’ve been playing through NBA Ballers: Chosen One for review, and, well…is there an antonym for “recommend”?

Aside from that, I finally finished my Rock Band drum career on Medium, and I’ve moved on to Hard. The going has been relatively easy so far — I’ve beaten the songs of the first two tiers at 90% or better — but it’s getting noticeably harder. I agree with what Necros said in IRC last night: Hard is so much more fun than Medium. It also makes your ankle hurt a lot more.

Jim: The PSP was made for my weekend shifts at the other job. I spent last Monday completing God of War: Chains of Olympus, which didn’t take long, as the game is disappointingly short. I don’t think it’s as great as others would have you believe, but it’s decent. Outside of that, beeing using Warriors Orochi to stave off the boredom. Looking forward to checking out the sequel at the London Expo.

Also looking forward to picking up GTA IV, even though Rockstar SHOULD have given me it. Bastards. Ah well. Spending a few days with my grandparents and their kick-ass TV. it’s going to be a sweet few days.

Hamza: I haven’t had much time for game playing this past week. I did get the new maps on Halo 3 but maybe only spent 10 minutes on them. I fear I won’t have much time with them still as this week is also going to be extremely busy for me. GTA IV will suck my soul dry this week. Then it’s off to Los Angeles/San Diego for some epic L.A. NARP.

Chad: Nothing but Lost Odyssey and Ikaruga this week. I had a RROD scare, but it ended up being nothing. I am nervous now, though. If I get a red ring right before Grand Theft Auto IV I will cry. And then break something. And then cry about breaking something.

Topher: I started the week off with trying to overcome my Zoo Keeper DS addiction, (no thanks to Miss Chow), and was relieved to have Taiko No Tatsujin 2 come out so I’d have a means to break away. That quickly turned into a Taiko No Tatsujin 2 addiction, which I am now trying to alleviate by replaying ICO. Although, now I am falling in love with Yorda all over again, so I don’t think I’m any better off now than I was when I was shifting animals around. Halp plz.

Orcist: I feel like a broken record, but, yet again, my schoolwork has been prohibitive, vis-a-vis how much time I get to play video games. I did play some Aegis Wing, though, as it’s a good way to blow off 10-minutes of steam between assignments. But, in two days — when I, hypothetically, never have to read James Joyce again in my life (although I will because he’s amazing) — I will play videogames until my eyeballs plop onto the ground in a bloody pile of viscera and optic nerves.

Samit: I see that Orcist’s mom’s scare tactics from his childhood have worked wonders. SHE WAS LYING, MAN!!

DMV: I’m being disappointed by the PSP version of FFT. I can’t wait to get back to America and play the original.

Husky: World of Warcraft, and Sloshball.

Jim Sterling