Games of the week for 04/04/10: MAH BOI edition

Old meme is old, I know. Couldn’t resist busting out a classic though. Immature, stupid videos like this make me laugh, and I don’t really care whether you find them funny either. At least I’m not putting up some mawkish Easter-themed video. Dry Bones is the only thing that can come from the dead that matters on this day. 

Oh, and videogames have been played this week. As ever, hit that jump to find out what we’ve been up to, and make sure to tell us what you’ve been playing too!

Chester: Played some Super Street Fighter IV against human beings that I let in my house last night. (I won, because damned, I’m so good.) We also fired up 3D Dot Heroes for the first time, and had fun making ridiculous characters using the in-game editor. (Legs? What hero needs legs?)

I’ve also been playing quite a bit of Clash of Heroes on my DSi XL, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on the iPhone, and a slew of WiiWare titles.

PerLee: I’m rocking WonderCon right now, and playing games this week has been hard, but I was able to buy a tournament edition MvC2 fightstick for 30 bucks off. Really excited for some fighting games and arcade titles with that baby.

Concelmo: Nothing but Final Fantasy XIII. It has overtaken my body. I think I am becoming a l’Cie …

… even though I still don’t really know what that means.

Sterling: The character creation alone justifies 3D Dot Game Heroes. Shame the actual game isn’t quite as brilliant. Been playing that myself for review. Damn good game, but there are noticeable problems with it. Still, I can put Ekans in it, which automatically makes it better than 90% of the games on the market. On the Wii, I played Super Mario Galaxy, which is pretty damn good although the Ray Surfing level can eat my mons pubis. Played some Cave Story, which was good, and I also picked up Rune Factory because it was on sale. I find the game very charming, but I don’t know if that will charm will keep me invested for the months that game needs. 

On PC I’ve been trying to make myself play more Torchlight, I tried I’m Not Alone but it was buggy as shit, and I am currently re-downloading Crysis to give it a second chance. Oh, and I have been playing Dead or Alive Paradise for review. Do you need me to tell you that it’s not very good?

Tolentino: Playing Dragon Age and Resonance of Fate, two games that in some ways could not possibly be more different despite being lumped into the same category.

That’s not a quality judgment, but it does go to show how inadequate our perception of genre is these days.

Razak: Finished up Max and the Magic Marker for review. It was interesting, but not great. I played through Dead Space Extraction, which only get better as it went along. I recomend it for any Dead Space fan and any looking for some quick fun. Surprisingly playing with two people kind of ruins it. It’s a single player experience and does get scary.

Once I beat that I downloaded Cave Story and I am an hour into that. It is already amazing.

Niero: Max and the Magic Marker, Bases Loaded NES, and Peggle with my family, then a little Mario Kart and Time Crisis 3 with friends at home.  I’m looking forward to checking out Just Cause 2 — the guys at the office are always playing it but I haven’t had a chance to touch it. This morning I remembered how much I loved Plants vs. Zombies. Can we all just barricade the doors at Popcap until they give us an expansion/sequels?  If I get a chance today Dead Rising 2 is playable at Wondercon. Whoot!

Ross: Been playing more Street Fighter IV to warm up for Super. Been getting in a ton of Pokemon (Just beat the Elite 4 without having to grind once!), and a little bit of Starcraft II.

Grim: Mostly just been dying a lot in Mega Man 10.

Bennett: STILL playing Dragon Age and still in love with it. I sorry Commander Shepard, Sorry Ezio, it is all about Alistair.

Gutierrez: Dude!

I finally beat God of War 3 this week, and I’m itching to finally finish Heavy Rain. 3D Dot Heroes‘s charm has me hooked. I toss it in when I’m not chopping off fingers and hunting down the origami killer. Looking forward to Splinter Cell: Conviction!

Finally, this is my very first email on my iPad. Yes, the keyboard rocks!

North: Totally rocked the Pokemon HeartGold at every opportunity this past week.

Sarkar: This week was my spring break, so I … sat inside and played lots of video games. I’ve been playing some MLB 2K10 (review forthcoming), but I spent most of my time with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online, which is tons of fun. I’m really close to getting the insignia for 24 hours played…

Holmes: Playing WarioWare DIY on the DS and WarioWare DIY Showcase on WiiWare. I’m not totally “done” with either, but I can tell you now that both are totally worth buying. I feel pretty much ready to write the review(s), but I know I shouldn’t until I completely finish my first microgame — Fuck Face. Hopefully I’ll get that done today.

Also had a Wii 2D platformers party, featuring Cave Story, Metal Slug Anthology, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat NPC, Klonoa, A Boy and his Blob, Castlevania Rondo of Blood, Castlevania Rebirth, Contra Rebirth, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Muramasa, Wario Land: Shake It!, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10. T’was awesome.

Razak: That sounds like the most epic amount of platforming ever, Jonathan. Did you just play one level of each or something?

Holmes: We mostly just fought last bosses and took turns doing the toughest parts of each game. The challenge levels in Klonoa still kick my ass

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