Games of the week for 01/10/10: More Rickytic edition

The world screams for more Rickytic, and boy are we going to deliver him! If you’ve never watched this man’s videos before, be prepared for greatness. The man is an artisan, the very reasoning of poetry in human form. I present to you one of his many masterpieces. It’s so brilliant you won’t understand it. That’s supposed to happen to your small human mind, so don’t worry.

Also, videogames were played. Let’s see which ones, shall we? Can’t wait!

Zimmerman: I played CES, which is a lot harder than you might think. Very much looking forward to getting home, finishing Bayonetta and finally getting the opportunity to play Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC.

Also, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes which, if you didn’t get the message last week, you should totally go buy for yourself and anyone you know who has a DS.

Tolentino: Instead of playing Persona PSP, as I promised myself last week, I resolved to finally finish Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions at any cost, which meant my consulting a walkthrough and tricking Ramza with a savegame editor. Despite all that, it’s one of the finest RPGs — nay, games — I’ve ever played. Anyone with a PSP who hasn’t at least tried it is doing themselves a disservice.

That said, if you don’t own a PSP, I can’t really recommend downloading the PSone version currently available on the PSN store, as the localization pales in comparison to the new one introduced for the PSP port. Plus, you can’t edit your way out of the trickier portions.

Ross: As part of my new year’s resolution to finish games, I’m mostly been limiting myself to Mother 3 and Darksiders, the two games I’ve vowed to beat before I start anything else. I slipped in a tiny amount of Left 4 Dead 2 and Street Fighter IV, but for the most part it’s been those two games that GOD DAMNIT I AM GOING TO FINISH BEFORE I START ANYTHING NEW.

Sterling: Been replaying Half-Life 2 on PC and finding that the vehicle controls are fucking jank on it and feel a bit better on consoles. Sorry, PC fans. Also played Bayonetta, the review of which is up, and Darksiders, the review of which is coming. For now I will just state that Darksiders is one of the most fun action games I’ve played in ages.

North: SMT: Strange Journey has ruled my week. I hate being out of town and away from my consoles.

Concelmo: More of Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, and a TON of Bayonetta. Man, this game is amazing. Also, ridiculous. Let’s just say ridiculously amazing.

The boss battles are some of the best I have ever seen in any videogame, and, well, when Bayonetta randomly poses for the camera after a badass action sequence … it gets me every time.

Oh, and the finishing moves! God, I have to mention the finishing moves!

Obviously I am having a great time with the game.

Razak: I’ve been working through Spirit Tracks all week and barely gotten anywhere. I keep doing side quests and collecting rabbits. Hopefully I’ll be able to push through a lot of it on my flight tonight. I want Darksiders bad now that everyone is comparing it to Zelda, but that will have to wait.

Sarkar: Like Jonathan Ross, I want to complete more games in 2010. First up on the docket? Batman: Arkham Asylum, which I bought when it came out, played some of before getting sidetracked by PAX, and went back to once or twice before I decided to sit down with it yesterday afternoon to try and finish it for good. When I started playing at 2 or 3 PM, I was at 34% completion; by the time I stopped for dinner at around 9, I had made it to 66%, and when I beat the story mode near midnight I was 75% done. I don’t know why everyone complained about the Killer Croc boss fight; I thought it was pretty frickin’ awesome, even if it was repetitive. And yes, [SPOILERS KINDA BUT NOT REALLY] while I had tired of the same hide-and-seek gameplay by the third Scarecrow encounter, everything else about that scene was so damn creepy and unsettling that I almost didn’t care.

I think Arkham Asylum may even have been higher up on my personal GOTY list than #4 (below Uncharted 2, MLB 09 The Show, and The Beatles: Rock Band, in that order) if I had finished more than a third of it in 2009, because the game pretty much only got more and more awesome as it went on. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to go back and do all the Riddler Challenges I missed along the way (I’ve already solved over 70% of them), or if I just want to pick a different game off my pile of shame to finish.

Holmes: Stuck on the last level of Blaster Master on the Virtual Console. Even with infinite continues, this game is impossible. I still love it though. And like Matt, I also got sidetracked (HA!) in The Spirit Tracks. It’s pretty fun.

Also watched Project: Alf, which co-stars Martin Sheen. Now I’m saying “HA!” after every terrible joke I make.

Chester: Been playing a lot of Drop7 on the iPhone, which is basically one of the great, most addictive puzzler I’ve ever played. And it’s only $2.99. Buy this thing.

Also have been playing Darksiders when I get the chance, and outside of the block button being in the wrong place (needs to be on the Right Trigger, not the Right Button… because that’s dumb), I’m really enjoying it. I also tried to play the MAG beta, but after spending an hour or so updating my files, the PlayStation Network booted me. So I give up.

Jim Sterling