Gamecock’s Fury underperforms, but it won’t slow the fowl down

Things are looking disappointing for Gamecock release #1, as Fury developers have announced they are closing up shop at Auran due to lukewarm response on the game.

Gamecock’s CEO Mike Wilson confirmed the game’s performance but seemed more or less unphased, saying,”Would have loved for it to have been a hit, but all in all, not a tragedy from Gamecock’s point of view.”

Auran has set up Fury as a separate business and will continue to support it. The price has been lowered to twenty dollars in hopes of selling more copies.There is also a free-to-play promotion launching today. As for Dementium, Gamecock’s second release, Wilson commented that it is doing “great.”  Gamecock has ten titles planned for release between now and 2008.

Personally I’m in full support of these guys (despite the Spike TV stunt) and hope to see them succeed with their indie approach, as the genre needs all the love it can get. Insecticide is one of my most wanted upcoming titles, as it tugs on my Psychonauts-lovin heartstrings.

[Via Statesmen — Thanks Jonathan!] 

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