Game Debate to the Death!
Worst Uwe Boll Movie EVAR!

Last week I asked everyone which handheld games they enjoyed more — Metroid games or Castlevnia games? Several of you refused to choose between the two, one Dtoider rebelled with a vote for Contra, and Dimwit Pest even voted for the wrong debate by commenting “horizontal” for the console competition from two weeks ago. But most of you took sides in what was one of Dtoid’s closest debates ever. Here were the results:

  • Metroid handheld games: 31 votes
  • Castlevania handheld games: 37 votes – winner! 

I think reader brad drac summed it up best with this description: “Metroid invented the style, but I think Castlevania perfected it.”

So what’s on this week’s debate plate? A whole heaping of silver screen sheist — I want everyone to pick which of Uwe Boll’s movies is the worst. It can be a gaming related movie or not, it’s all the same category of crap to me. I realize this might be the hardest debate ever, but we need to prepare for his upcoming Postal movie that features tacky Bin Laden parodies, graphic Columbine shooting scenes, and Dave Foley taking a crap on the camera.

The movie trailer can be seen above — once we’ve decided on his worst work in the past, we’ll then compare it to his new movie when it comes out in theaters and gauge if the feared filmmaker is actually getting worse. Perhaps we’ll even hold a contest where we all take a crap on one of his DVD movie covers and send the photos to him in hopes that he never makes another movie ever again.

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