Game Debate to the Death!
Blizzard Battle 2006 – Final Round

Our Blizzard Battle of 2006 comes to an end with this week’s Game Debate to the Death! First WarCraft II showed up WarCraft I & III, then StarCraft went up against all three WarCraft games and won with ease. Last week we gave WarCraft one last chance at going to the finals by putting World of Warcraft up against Diablo II, and here were the raid worthy results:

  • Diablo II – 41 votes – winner!
  • World of Warcraft – 12 votes

That leaves two contendors left in this Blizzard Battle: the highly acclaimed RTS StarCraft, and the forever addictive action RPG Diablo II. The two are completely different games but they both stole more from us than puberty could ever give back, and damnit, that deserves an award. As always, weigh all the pros and cons, pick which game you enjoyed the most, tell us why, and get some friends of yours to vote too! Include all expansions, inside jokes, and money involved, and cast your votes for your favorite Blizzard game of all time.

Check back next week to find out the winner in this hellacious hydralisk battle to end all Blizzard battles.

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