Game Debate to the Death! Zangief VS Chun-Li

My annual trip to Myrtle Beach has left me with lost luggage and a transfer ticket to a propeller plane that looks less powerful than my fork-mangling dishwasher. As soon as I reached the beach I immediately ran out to the sand and carved out my S.O.S. call to the tourist planes above, but by the time I ran up to my condo’s room to see how my finger font turned out, someone had changed the distress signal to L.O.L., and it was then that I knew I was doomed.

To keep my mind off the situation I turned on the television, only to find out it was also shark week on the Discovery Channel, rendering this vacation almost completely useless as I stare longingly at the water. Anyways, I just needed something to say before showing the overwhelming results from last week‘s debate, it was a flat-out massacre:

  • M. Bison: 17 votes
  • Ryu: 64 votes – Hadouken!

With Ryu advancing into the final round, this only leaves one more fight to decide who his opponent will be in the end. Chun-Li has sliced past Vega and Zangief has arm wrestled past Goro. Will thunder thighs advance, or will bulging biceps prevail? Who is the better fighter, and why? Cast your votes, give us a reason for your decision, get some friends to vote, and check back next week for the winner.

Tom Fronczak