Game Debate to the Death! Mass Effect VS BioShock

Last week’s debate was insane. I’ve been doing these debates almost every week for three years now, and it might be the closest to the perfect game debate we’ll ever witness. The ways in which the two contenders were varied was so useful for comparing and contrasting them, and nearly every single comment did the topic justice. I’ve never in all these years seen so many people say “I signed up just for this debate” and you have no idea how happy that makes me feel. I <3 Dtoiders.

I’ve never had so much fun and excitement going through hundreds of comments to tally a winner. The outcome was incredibly close and each side should feel honored to get so much praise. The Xbox 360 2008 game of the year versus its 2009 console throne replacement was truly a battle of titans. Here are the results:

  • Fallout 3 (83 votes)
  • BioShock (87 votes) — Winner!

Considering about half of the votes last week were noticeably nail-biter “Damn you, Fronz! I can’t decide! Fine, I’ll go with _____ and here’s why…” votes, that says a lot about how great both games were in their own ways. Anyone who owns a 360 should definitely go out of there way to play both of these games, as well as Mass Effect. This week could easily turn into yet another photo finish debate that comes out close.

Which game do you think is better, and why? Give it some serious thought, get some Xbox 360 friends to share their opinions as well, and check back next week for the winner. Are you still a reader without an account? What are you waiting for?!

Bonus Question: Start casting suggestions for games you’d like to see in the Wii odd debate tournament brackets!

Tom Fronczak