Game Debate to the Death!: Best and Worst Counter-Strike map?

Last week’s Super Smash Bros. Melee level debate was a great way to get everyone pumped for Super Smash Bros. Brawl‘s recent release. While I’m tempted to make this week’s debate Brawl based, I think it would be best to give it a month or so for everyone to get used to all the levels before making their favorite level decisions. As for the winners and losers of last week’s debate, here are the top results from each voting category:

  • Favorite SSB Melee Stage:
  • Hyrule Temple (25 votes) — winner!
  • Corneria (18 votes)
  • Pokemon Stadium (15 votes)
  • Final Destination (9 votes)
  • Least Favorite SSB Melee Stage:
  • Ice Climbers’ Icicle Mountain (33 votes) — loser!
  • Game & Watch’s Flat Zone (10 votes)
  • Samus’s Brinstar Depths (9 votes)
  • Donkey Kong’s Jungle Japes (8 votes)

For this week we move on to one of the most successful first person shooter games of all time: Counter-Strike.  I don’t see the need for a separate CS and CS Source debate, so this week is both games and all their versions wrapped up into one huge headshot debate. Of all the maps made for the game, which level is your favorite, and why? Give it some serious thought, cast your vote and reasons, get some FPS friends to share their opinions as well, and check back next week for the winner.

Bonus Question: Which Counter-Strike map did you like the least?

Tom Fronczak