Game Box 1.0 gets reviewed

Thank you I-Mockery. Thank you so much from saving me the pain from having to actually watch this movie. You may remember when I showed you all the trailer for this movie a couple of months back. Well, it finally came out this week and Dr. Boogie at I-Mockery braved the film to give the Internets a review:

Matters are complicated by the fact that Charlie doesn’t have any enhanced abilities in the game world (apart from a better haircut and the ability to see without wearing his glasses). Plus, when he gets hurt in the game, it hurts him for real (*cough*NightmareonElmStreet*cough*). To offset this handicap, the game gives him three extra lives and access to weapons and health power-ups:

OK, so maybe it isn’t that bad compared to the rest of the crap that has come out. It does have originality going for it. Plus, its got Topanga!!!

Speaking of Topanga (Danielle Fishel), Game Box 1.0 has got a MySpace too. The only reason I bring this up is because a good chunk of the pictures on the profile are of Danielle. That’s one way to promote the flick …  

Hamza Aziz