G1 Starscream coming to Transformers: RotF in DLC pack

Luxoflux has revealed that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be getting a downloadable expansion pack, one that contains a few items that could have rescued the game from a cruel 4.5 review on Destructoid. Chief among the additions is Starscream as he was always meant to be — appearing in his glorious Generation 1 form. 

G1 Starscream is but one of ten brand new characters that the pack is adding. A number of new characters will also be available for single-player as well as the multiplayer modes. Speaking of multiplayer, there will be three new maps to keep things spicy. As if that wasn’t enough, there will be a new Expert difficulty level, new leaderboard challenges and even new Achievements/Trophies. 

No word on a price yet, but I’m legitimately impressed by the wealth of content being made available, considering this is a licensed games, and such titles are often made to be forgotten. The simple inclusion of G1 Starscream is enough to make me happy … I love Starscream more than my own wife.

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