Boss rush action game Furi gets new main character DLC this month

Furi DLC

The Rider is here to bring the Furi

Developer The Game Bakers are adding a new flavor of Furi to the mix. A new DLC for the 2016 action game Furi is on the way, adding an alternate main character to play as on May 17.

The new character, dubbed the Onnamusha Rider, will arrive as a separate DLC for $6.99. It’s coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and GOG. The new character will be playable in Story, Speedrun, and Practice modes.

On the same day, a free update is also rolling out for those aforementioned platforms. This will make all paid and free content available for Furi: One More Fight, another DLC for the game. This will also include improvements made since release, like an Invincible Mode, Furier Speedrun, and alternate control options.

The Fast and the Furious

It’s rare to see a game that is, at this point, six years old get an update like this. It definitely left an impression with its stylish boss rush battles back then. It also put all its chips on those battles, as unlike something like Sifu or Elden Ring, the bosses were the sole focus.

The Game Bakers are no stranger to later updates, however. Earlier this year, the team put out a free update to their romantic RPG, 2020’s Haven. The original story featured a guy and girl, on the run and in love. This new update allowed players to swap the genders of the main characters, opening up same-gender romance options. It’s a nice touch that the community seemed to appreciate.

As for Furi, a new character playstyle certainly seems like a decent-enough reason to dive back in. The Rider apparently revolves around alternating attack speeds and uses different stances, which is a novel idea. For this still itching for more difficult bosses to overcome, this might hit the spot.

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