Fun was had at the Scribblenauts launch event

Well, that’s it — I’m jealous. Scribblenauts hits store shelves tomorrow, but if you’re lucky enough to live in New York and had a way to get to the Nintendo World Store this past Sunday, you may have been in on this Scribblenauts launch event. Pictured above is Julie Cheng, the first person in line to buy her copy of the game. As you can see, everyone is sporting their rooster hats in style. I want one!

I’ve been playing preview copy of the game myself, and I have to say I find it remarkable — I’ve never played anything quite like it. I’ve also heard some mixed reviews though, with the main complaint being that the gameplay becomes boring after a while. I’m genuinely unsure how any game that allows you to summon Keyboard Cat could ever become boring, but hey, each to their own, I guess.

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