Frozen North: Wii is the best console for platformers

Earlier today we talked about how Flip’s Twisted World was having a hard time getting publicity, especially during such an intense release year for the Wii. With that in mind, why is developer Frozen North putting this game on the Wii? 

CEO Julian Spillane responds to the question by stating that it was the motion interface that really kicked off the platform decision. It also helped that the Wii is, according to Spillane, the best looking console for 3D platformers. 

“Well, the gesture controls drove the decision,” he explains. “To be able to hold the world in the palm of your hand and turn it on end with a flick of the wrist — that was an experience we really wanted to create. We also felt that the Wii was gearing up to become the best console for platformers based on the more casual and nostalgic audience.

“That being said, if there’s interest and support from Majesco we would love to port this title over to the HD consoles. I think the digital download market has really broadened the horizons of a lot of the hardcore crowd and also made those systems more accessible to the mainstream and casual players.”

With PlayStation Move coming out soon, Flip’s could certainly make it to PSN, where it would probably get a lot more attention. Who knows? In any case, Flip’s Twisted World is coming to the Wii in September, and at least I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

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