Froth at the mouth over these new Blood of Bahamut screens

Despite the number of times that I’ve felt slapped down by Square-Enix these past few months, I am still totally psyched about the upcoming Blood of Bahamut for DS, and thse new screens from Famitsu only serve to amp me up more. Funny how the games I’m most excited for are DS or PS2 games … I think my metaphorical retro slip is showing.

So what do we know to date about Blood of Bahamut? well, not too much, other than Think & Feel are working on it, the great Shadow of the Colossus-like beast in it is called the Gigant, and the protagonist are named Ibuki and Yui. I don’t get why I’m hearing people complaining across the net that it’s another DS RPG — having a glut of RPGs beats the hell out of drowning in any other genre, at least in my not so humble opinion.

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