From hardcore fans to business man(s) with Playism and Iron Galaxy

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Recently on Sup Holmes were were lucky to chat with two huge fans of relatively niche game genres that have managed to parlay that passion into lucrative positions in the game industry. First is Nayan Ramachandran of Playism, who has channeled his life-long love of Japanese culture and games into a career, first in marketing and localization, and now in actual from-the-ground-up game development. We talked to Nayan about working with legendary game developers like Daisuke ‘Pixel’ Amaya (Cave Story, Kero Blaster), how games that may be considered ‘exclusionary to women’ in the United States are not necessarily received that way in Japan, and a lot more. 

We also had the opportunity to speak with Alex Jebailey, famed fighting game tournament producer, Divekick! cast member, and community manager at Iron Galaxy. Alex was able to hint to us about the Halo crossover with Killer Instinct which at that time was a pretty big secret, but had to stay tight lipped about the details. He was much more verbose in discussing the current culture in the fighting game community, what it takes to make it as a professional in the industry, his hopes and fears for the future of Street Fighter V, and a lot more. 

Thanks so much to Alex and Nayan for being on the show, and be sure to tune in today at 2:30pm EST when we welcome Fangamer’s Heidi Mandelin, Tony Kuchar, and Dan Moore to the show. 

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